Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not ready for this...

  Well Aaron found out when they are going to California, and I guess it just really hit hard. CA is there last stop before going overseas :( Time is going by so fast, which is good and bad. I feel so much more relieved at calm knowing he is stateside, I am not sure how to react when he goes overseas. I am trying to save my worrying for when he is over there, but it is getting so close and getting a lot harder now. Gosh, I just wish he could come home and all of this be over with. We get to go see him this weekend, but when we say "see you later" this time it will be extremely hard because we wont see him again until he comes home from CA and is getting ready to go "over there".

   The kids are SO excited to go see daddy this weekend :) it is so nice to see the looks on their faces when they talk about it. They miss him terribly, just as I do. I can't wait til our family is back together, how it belongs. <3

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